Self-Promo Wooden Logo Sticker Special (100 for $100)

Only for distributors we are offering a Wood Sticker self-promo special. No setup-fee, 100 wood stickers, approx 2" x 2" depending on the shape of your logo. Apply them to virtually anything with a flat or cylindrical surface. Real wood and strong 3M adhesive. Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho. 100% Made in USA. Laser engraving all the way to the edges and cut around logo for custom shape. 

  • Quantity: 100 real wood stickers 
  • Approximately 2" x 2" depending on the size and shape of your artwork
  • (Limit 1 order per customer)
  • Real wood veneer with strong 3M adhesive backing
  • FSC Certified sustainably sourced wood
  • Available in Mahogany, Bamboo, Black Walnut, American Cherry, or Aromatic Cedar
  • 25% premium for Purple Heart or Shimmering Maple

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EQP on Wooden Credit-Card Bottle Openers

129 days left!

Real Wood Credit Card Bottle Openers

Credit Card Bottle Openers on EQP

For a limited time, we are running EQP pricing with Free setup on our popular credit-card style wooden bottle openers. Great for distributor samples or self promo, the credit card bottle openers are solid stainless-steel wrapped on both sides in real wood. Laser engraved (or multiple wood inlays) to your specifications.